In our weekly podcast on the automotive industry, FOX Wheels takes a look at predicting the future in car-design.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports:

It's FOX Wheels.

Remember the ad slogan "There's a Ford in your future?" Now, there's a futurist in your Ford.

Sheryl Connelly predicts what you will want in your car and says her job is...

(Connelly) "Really outside the box."

Looking at everything except cars and relying on...

(Connelly) "Social trends, technological, economic, environmental and political because we think those are the five forces that will at least shape the landscape."

She says it's the aging population...

(Connelly) "That helped build the business case for putting a reverse sensing system into the rear bumper. It also helps you rationalize why you put a camera on the dashboard that gives you a view of what's behind the car for people who can't turn their neck."


With Ford launching 23 new vehicles in 2014 - CFO Bob Shanks says they'll take a financial hit due to new model costs and...

(Shanks) "As we run out prior models and assume a continuation of a more competitive pricing environment for small and medium cars and utilities."

So you may be in for a deal.


McLaren automobile company is said to be working on a vibrating windscreen that would clear water off of your windshield... instead of wipers.

With FOX Wheels, I'm Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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