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Small business owners have to compete not only with the corporate giants, but now they could have to worry about the government taking their ideas as well.

FOX’s Eric Shawn reports:

Uncle Sam… Stealing our stuff: So claim numerous small businesses who say the federal government is taking their patents or intellectual property when they have contracts and destroying their businesses. One company, Demodulation, says it developed a wire thinner than a human hair called microwire but the company says the government simply took its work so it’s filed a $50 million lawsuit. Another company, FoodQuest, says it develops software for the Food and Drug Administration, but company President John Hnatio says:

(Hnatio) “They basically stole all of our stuff and they duplicated exactly what we were already selling to industry.”

The Justice Department denies Demodulation’s claims. The FDA did not issue a statement about Food Quest.

In New York, I’m Eric Shawn, FOX News Radio.

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