Michael Goodwin of the NY Post stopped by the studio for his usual Monday chat with Brian and spoke about President Obama's falling poll numbers. The two also talked about how democrats are rolling over and not challenging Obama on the recent deal with Iran and their nuclear program.

Over the weekend Senator Dianne Feinstein surprised many people when she said America is not safer today than it has been in the past.   General Jack Keane agrees!  General Keane spoke about the overall threat we face in the Middle East and how curbing our intelligence gathering is a big part of the problem!


After spending the holidays with his family and seeing Brian pushing his book throughout the NY market, Ed Henry kicked of his segment by exclaiming, "KILMEADE IS EVERYWHERE!"  Eventually, the conversation evolved to the latest with messy rollout of Obamacare.  Ed said many dems have made a lot of noise on the issue but when they have had the chance to vote to change the law they back down.


DANCERS DESERVE HIGHER PAY! ~ Taking a break from politics, Brian was joined in studio by the first star of ABC's hit reality series "The Bachelorette" Trista Sutter. Brian and Trista talked about her new book "Happily Ever After-The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart" and how "embracing a grateful heart" can lead to happiness. After telling some moving stories from her book, Brian and Trista hatched up a plan to start a foundation to get dancers higher pay at NBA and NFL games!

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Fresh out of his Special Report production meeting, BRET BAIER gave Brian the exclusive as to what will be on the show tonight!  Bret teased that Jim Angle will have a great story on the promises on better coverage at a lower cost.  Bret said Jim estimates that about only 10% will get better coverage at a lower cost.


Whatever it Takes! ~ When speaking about China's attempt to exert its power over Japan, JAMES ROSEN remembered when President George W. Bush said he would do "whatever it takes" to protect Taiwan, which made headlines at the time.  After citing that example, Rosen asked, "One wonders if that is the policy of this administration as well?"