“He’s a celebrity President.  That is why he’s out there in Hollywood hamming it up!” Col. Allen West said about President Obama’s time in CA.  On Iran, West agreed with Alan Dershowitz suggestion on what Congress should be doing and added Congress should have already voted on additional sanctions before we even went into negotiations.   West said, “They see the president has a trust and credibility problem and guess what, they just called him out on it…We have a 1930s Neville Chamberlain moment staring us in the face!”


Amb. Robert Jordan, former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, weighed in on the P5+1 deal with Iran and quoted President Reagan by saying we should “trust but verify.”  However, he amended the quote by saying he doesn’t know if he would even go as far as to trust!  On Israel and Saudi Arabia collaborating, Jordan said, “It is certainly possible that they could be collaborating with each other on what kind of strategy to employ.  Either to stop this interim agreement or to take action on their own part.”  He added, “It doesn’t hurt us to have a good cop, bad cop environment so that we can say to the Iranians ‘If you don’t play ball with us, watch out because there’s some really bad actors out there who would like to do away with you!’


Redstate’s Erick Erickson joined Brian and brought up an fascinating point on President Obama’s West coast tour.  Erickson found it interesting that last week Obama said he couldn’t go to the 150th anniversary of the  Gettysburg Address because he had to stay in Washington to fix Obamacare yet this week he suddenly has the time to schmooze with the liberal elite in Hollywood! 


FOX’s Mike Emanuel filled Brian in on all of the D.C. happenings.  Emanuel talked about Obama’s fundraising tour to California as well as the Independent Patient Advisory Board aspect of Obamacare, which may be easier for Obama and the Dems to fill now that Harry Reid changed the rules of the Senate on Presidential nominees.


Kilmeade & Friends joined Varney & Co. where Brian and Stu discussed why MLB players always get hit hard in the media while the NFL seems to get a pass on steroids.  Brian also offered up his opinion on Jhonny Peralta’s $52M contract after he was being suspended for PED use!



Brian was joined by ARI SHAVIT, columnist for Haaretz & author of My Promised Land, who explained why the Iran deal is such a bad thing for our biggest ally, Israel! 

Paul Mecurio welcomed in the Thanksgiving holiday by bringing some levity to the day’s heavy headlines.  Brian also came through on his promise to give Paul one of his suits (to hear the background on the suit story, listen to Paul’s podcast w/Brian!).  Check out the picture!