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(AP Photo)

A major Hollywood producer behind movies such as "Pretty Woman" and "Fight Club" has confessed that for years he was also an Israeli spy.

Fox News Radio's Emily Wither has the story from Jerusalem:

In an interview with a channel here in Israel, Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan says as well producing huge blockbuster hits, he was also once an Israeli spy. The Israeli-born businessman says he bought arms on behalf of the Jewish state and technologies Israel allegedly needed to operate nuclear bombs. One of the actors he worked with -- Robert De Niro features in the broadcast, explaining that he had heard the rumors:

De Niro: "I did ask him once, we spoke about something and he told me that he was an Israeli and that he of course, he would do these things for his country."

Milchan says he's also not the only Hollywood name that was involved.

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, Fox News Radio.

Watch the VIDEO below for more on this story:

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