(Photo: FNR's Jennifer Keiper)
(Photo: FNR's Jennifer Keiper)

Mass destruction for miles around in parts of the midwest after storms that spawned killer tornadoes and leveled whole neighborhoods.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports from hard hit Diamond, Illinois:

The wood chippers and dump trucks are out and tarps are being put on roofs here in the city of Diamond. The tornado that plowed through had wind speeds over 111 miles per hour. The windows of Cheryl Franks' house blown out:

Franks: "Glass all over the house. Our bedrooms-- we cant get into those. There's just too much glass and debris and everything, everywhere. But, we're not missing half our home."

Like her neighbors across the street. Franks says her children are in Michigan, which was one of a dozen other states hit-- but she says they're okay.

In Diamond, Illinois, Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

Below is a photo gallery from Diamond, Illinois. Photos taken by FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper

Watch a VIDEO below for more on the tornado damage from Washington, Illinois:

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