Hour 1

Legendary newsman Dan Rather joined Brian on Kilmeade and Friends and when asked about the 60 Minutes controversy Rather said he didn't want to add to their difficulty because, "Part of my heart has never left there (CBS News)." Rather went on to say that he hopes CBS will be completely transparent and reveal what happened and why it happened. Rather explained it is in the nature of these large corporations that when the stuff hits the fan they want to blame the correspondent. Rather continued, "Whatever happened, and if there is any blame, whatever blame there is, has to start at the top of the corporation and go through the leadership of the news division. It isn't just Lara Logan, whom I know, and I support her on a personal basis through this because it is a difficult thing to go through. I don't think the story is over."

Fox & Friends' Steve Doocy dropped by for his weekly visit with Brian and the two covered a range of topics including democrats feeling the heat over Obamacare, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's outrageous comments and Mark Walberg ripping Tom Cruise because he tried to compare acting to fighting in Afghanistan!

Hour 2 Brian spoke with FOX News Sunday's Chris Wallace about what else? The disaster known as Obamacare. Wallace believes Obamacare has the potential to harm the liberal agenda in the eyes of Americans for years to come. Chris also joked with Brian and asked if he could share in the proceeds from George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved America since he featured Brian as FNS's Power Player last weekend!

President Obama's poll numbers on the economy are dropping by the day. Phil Demuth, economist, financial adviser and writer for Forbes.com, spoke with Brian about the direction he believes the economy is headed as well as the impact Obamacare has had on the economy.

Hour 3

Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA), an outspoken critic of Obamacare, joined Brian to break down the Democrats deceit in the implementation of Obamacare. Perry said Republicans have been correct about the ramifications this law has had on Americans.

Brian surprised Dan Rather's biggest fan--James Rosen--with audio of Rather earlier in the show waxing poetic on Rosen! James also weighed in on the U.S negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program.