Eric Holder

Impeachment: That's what a group of Republican House members want for Attorney General Eric Holder.

FOX's Chad Pergram reports from Capitol Hill:

Republican Texas Congressman Pete Olson is leading the charge to try Attorney General Eric Holder for, as the resolution says, and the Constitution stipulates "High crimes and misdemeanors".

Olson's resolution alleges that Holder failed to properly handle Fast and Furious. That was a scheme to let weapons walk into Mexico in order to trace them. It ultimately resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The resolution also cites Holder's efforts to target FOX's James Rosen during his reporting on North Korea.

The House of Represenatives voted to find Holder in contempt of Congress last year. Legal wrangling is still going on between Congress and the Justice Department.

Impeachment of a cabinet official works much the same way as impeachment for the President. The House must approved impeachment, then the Senate votes to convict or remove the official.

At the Capitol, Chad Pergram, FOX News Radio.