Check out some of the pictures from Brian's Long Island book party HERE!  And make sure to check back tomorrow for pictures from the New York City party!

Hour 1 NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin joined Brian to talk about President Obama's falling poll numbers, the continuing fallout over the Obamacare roll out, Iran and Chris Christie.

Loyal Kilmeade and Friends listener, Robyn Froer is just one of the many people who are suffering from President Obama's false promise that you can keep your healthcare plan under Obamacare.  Robyn joined Brian to tell her story of how the new healthcare law is affecting her family.  Listen to Robyn's interview below...

Today is Veterans Day and military families need all the help they can get. Kenneth Fisher,  Chairman of the Fisher House Foundation, talks about the great work the Fisher House Foundation does to help out families of soldiers and how others can help support military families.

Hour 2 Brian isn't the only one with a new book out!  Peter Baker, Chief White House correspondent for New York Times and author of Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House, joined Brian and give some detailed background into the Bush-Cheney White House.  One such story was how George W Bush suggested to his father in 1992 to replace Dan Quayle as VP with Dick Cheney!

Mitty Griffis Mirrer, director & filmmaker of GOLD STAR CHILDREN: Two Generations Sharing Loss and Healing, and Gold Star kid Cierra Becker, whose father Staff Sgt. Shane R. Becker was killed in Baghdad, joined Brian to talked about their documentary that takes an intimate look at American children who've lost a parent to war.

To watch Brians interview with Cierra click here:

Hour 3

Brian was joined by FOX's Bret Baier & James Rosen who weighed in on all of the key stories from the Sunday Shows.  Baier focused on Gov. Chris Christie and Obamacare while Rosen looked beyond our borders and offered up the latest on negotiations with Iran!