(AP File Photo)
(AP File Photo)

It's a word you don't hear often from politicians-- particularly Presidents. But President Obama said 'sorry' as troubles mount for his healthcare reforms.

FOX News Radio's Mike Majchrowitz reports from the White House:

As resentment builds over his now discredited 'If you like it, you can keep it' pledge-- The President apologized on NBC for those losing healthcare plans due to Obamacare.

President Obama: "I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me."

Republicans say an apology isn't enough, the President should make good on his promise. And Utah GOP Senator Mike Lee says fixes to the law need to be made, but carefully:

Senator Lee (R-UT): "It's important that we look with caution before adopting any sort of quick fix on this."

Lee is recommending a 'time out' on Obamacare while Washington sorts out its problems.

At the White House, Mike Majchrowitz, FOX News Radio.

Read a statement below from House Speaker John Boehner reacting to President Obama's apology:

"An apology is certainly in order, but what Americans want to hear is that the president is going to keep his promise. That's why the House will vote next week to allow anyone with a health care plan they like to keep it. If the president is sincerely sorry that he misled the American people, the very least he can do is support this bipartisan effort. Otherwise, this apology doesn't amount to anything."