Brian’s Quote

On the meeting between President Obama and Senate Democrats…

I believe they got permission to vent on the President and Obamacare in order to keep their seats.  So they can go back to their constituents and say you know I signed up for a program that was supposed to get you insurance and it was horribly launched…but eventually it will pay off and I let my president know that…Please be on the alert for that!

Hour 1

Brian’s favorite impressionist, FRANK CALIENDO, swung by and instantly filled the studio with huge A-list guests such as President George W. Bush, Charles Barkley & John Madden!


Brian sat down with Jim Ziolkowski, Founder, President & CEO of buildOn and author of Walk in Their Shoes, who told his inspirational story about how and why he gave up his fast-tracked career in corporate finance to dedicate his life to his organization, buildOn.


Hour 2

Brian had the pleasure to speak with Johnny Carson’s attorney and close confident, Henry Bushkin, about his new book Johnny Carson!  Bushkin revealed that whenever Carson and he talked about who would replace him they always thought it would be Gary Shandling!  


GEORGE WASHINGTON’S SECRET SIX ~ Brian was joined by one of the essential historians who patch together the story of the Culper Spies, Beverly Tyler!


Hour 3

POWER PLAYER!! ~ The day has finally arrived…CHRIS WALLACE announced that our very own BRIAN KILMEADE will be making his FOX NEWS SUNDAY debut this weekend as the POWER PLAYER OF THE WEEK!  The two also talked about yesterday’s meeting between President Obama and democrats who are up for reelection next year who are concerned about Obamacare’s negative impact on their campaigns!