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There's "Take Your Son or Daughter To Work Day"-- And now for some, the tables are turned as Thursday is a day to bring your parents to work.

FOX News Radio's Kirstin McNary reports:

How would you feel about mom and dad hanging out at your office?

(Opponent) "I would never bring my mom to work. My mom would come here and try to reorganize my business."

(Supporter) "Too many parents are always saying 'why aren't you a doctor' or 'why aren't you a lawyer' and not maybe approving of their child's vocation, so it's a good way to show them it's not such a bad thing after all."

Job networking site LinkedIn's Danielle Restivo says she got the idea when her mom asked her for a paragraph describing her job so she could brag on her daughter to her friends.

Companies in 14 countries are taking part in the first "LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day."

LinkedIn says family support makes for happier people... and happier people make for better employees.

Kirstin McNary, FOX News Radio.