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The curtain goes up Wednesday night on a new play about the Anthony Weiner scandal. Some of it, in his own words.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster has more from New York:

Weiner: "Make sure that obviously, this never ever happens again."

"The Weiner Monologues" an off-off broadway show about the former Congressman and Mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner and his habit of sending pictures of himself to women:

Weiner: "I accept the responsibility for having these conversations with these people who I never met."

And there's not an original word in the script. It's all taken from Weiner's texts with women, his news conferences about it -- articles and late night talk show jokes. It started as a senior project by two Hunter College students.

In New York, Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: The show has a limited run in NYC from November 6th - November 10th.