(Courtesy KPTV.com)
(Courtesy KPTV.com)

Hooters restaurant chain is going to pick up the tab for a controversial school football team party in Oregon that cost the coach his job.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

(Courtesy: KPTV.com)
(Courtesy: KPTV.com)

Randy Burbach says:

Burbach: "I will take the responsibility for my actions."

The middle school football coach in Corbett, Oregon refused to move his team's end of season party from a Hooters in Portland, despite his job being on the line.

Burbach: "I walk the walk and talk the talk."

So Burbach won't be back as volunteer coach. Principal Paul Pearson says Hooters is:

Pearson: "Absolutely an inappropriate choice for a group of students from a school."

And while Saturday's dinner is no longer middle school sanctioned, it's still gonna happen and Hooters will pay for it and donate money to the Corbett boosters.

Burbach: "I still believe that this will be a appropriate and memorable experience for these boys."

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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