Team USA Olympics Uniforms — Made In USA

Russia Sochi Olympics

Ceremonial gear for American Winter Olympics athletes -- made in the USA.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

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Ralph Lauren took the hint: The clothes the company makes for Olympic athletes for the 2014 Winter Games, made in America.

The company got flak for using foreign-made gear, during the 2012 Summer Games in London.

Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter, at a rally that July.

(Perlmutter) "Something as iconic and as important and as inspirational as the Olympics to Americans and we're having the uniforms made in China? That's wrong!"

These are clothes for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and to wear around the Olympic Village. Competition gear for the different sports, mostly made by athletic gear companies. The Winter Games -- February in Sochi, Russia.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.

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