I don’t think republicans should be going to bat demanding a delay.  The President built in a delay for one reason, to win reelection because he knows parts of this program aren’t going to work, or are going to be so unpopular democrats down the line will pay a political price.  My goodness, the president should pay a political price for this ineptness and that should be the midterms, and that should be the legacy he leaves behind.  And if I am wrong and it works, he will soar through the election and grab back the House.  Have an insurmountable 60 plus votes in the Senate and then Hillary Clinton will waltz into the White House, in fact, don’t be surprised if republicans don’t put up anybody against her.  But that is not going to be the case, especially the way it starts.




To nobody’s surprise, Obamacare was the hot topic of the day.  FOX’s Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY talked about how the White House doesn’t want to “Monday morning quarterback.”  Ed explained that is there way of saying they don’t want to look back.  They want to look ahead and fix the site; however, at the hearing on Wednesday there will be a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking because people will want to know what went wrong, who knew what, did they tell the president or not?  The NY Post’s MICHAEL GOODWIN also chimed in on the topic saying there is a lot of blame to go around, “Anybody who voted for Obamacare deserves the responsibility for these screw ups!”


Brian got his hourly dose of sports with “Big Daddy” RICH SALGADO.  Brian and Rich previewed Rich’s new show on and recapped the weekend’s sporting events!



John “Hog” Hannah, dubbed the Best Offensive Lineman of All Time in the August 1981 issue of Sports Illustrated and author of Offensive Conduct: My Life on the Line, talked about lessons he learned on the field as well as other life lessons.  John said after he found the Lord he was more accepting of who he was and who others were too.  He explained once you realize what an idiot you are then you can accept other idiots too! 


Brian was joined by PETE HEGSETH & other members of Concerned Vets for America, including Lt. Col. Steve Russell, Captain Sean Parnell, Amber Barno, Karen Vaugh & Jane Horton.  The group just finished their Defend Freedom Bus Tour and talked about the tour’s purpose as well as other pressing issues the military faces today!



The portion of Brian’s DC contingent, Bret Baier & James Rosen, helped close out the show with their expert take on anything and everything Brian could think of—from Obamacare and the NSA, to Benghazi and Al Qaeda, as well as Peggy Lipton’s affair with Paul McCartney!


One of our favorite fill-ins and former CIA officer MIKE BAKER joined Brian and weighed in on the biggest headlines for the intelligence community.  Baker also offered up Brian a sneak peak of his new Travel Channel Series America Declassified which investigates the hidden side of the U.S.,  including conspiracy theories such as the JFK assassination!