(Photo: Danny Mena/Sembrado)

A taco feast offers up something for everyone at your table.

FOX News Radio's Lilian Woo has details on how to bring it all together:

(Photo: Danny Mena/Sembrado)

Americans ate 4.5 billion of them last year and they're so popular tacos even have their own national day! While seafood, veggies and cheese are often used, Chef Danny Mena of Sembrado in New York City also likes grilled meat in his.

(Mena) "Nice piece of hanger steak, grilled chicken breast, or like a pork tenderloin on a high heat pan, you sear it and then you just chop it up fine."

(Photo: Danny Mena/Sembrado)
(Photo: Danny Mena/Sembrado)

The result...

(Mena) "Really moist on the outside and charred and grilled on the outside."

The salsa another key component.

(Mena) "We spend a lot of time at the restaurant, you know, roasting the chilies and the tomatoes and cooking them down and then blending them."

But it's fine to doctor a store bought jar with fresh chili and an avocado.

(Mena) "You get this really creamy, luxurious salsa with that warm fresh chili, it kind of really brightens it up."

Or chop up a batch of raw green sauce

(Mena) "Salsa verde you do tomatillos, a little bit of garlic, onion, chili serrano and cilantro and a little bit of fresh lime juice at the end. You can actually add an avocado to that as well and it gives you this really creamy texture."

And to wrap it all your delicious fillings you can use a super healthy lettuce leaf, or soft or hard shell tortillas. Chef Mena suggests heating up store bought shells well to make them taste their best.

Lilian Woo, FOX News Radio.

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