The contentious hearings on Capitol Hill may be over, but the fallout from Operation 'Fast & Furious' lingers on.

FOX's William LaJeunesse reports from Los Angeles:

The civil contempt lawsuit against Attorney General Eric Holder is still in the works. And House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) says his committee still wants the Department of Justice to hand over materials they believe show a cover up of the failed gun-running operation.

Rep. Issa: "When you consider that the Attorney General himself may very well have been complicit in knowing that that was a false statement and insisting they continue to stand by that false statement for 10 months, you do have a serious question of whether or not Congress can fairly evaluate these individuals staying in office and staying in their jobs, if in fact they can't be counted on to tell the truth."

A Federal judge is expected to rule in the next few weeks. House lawyers expect Holder to appeal, should he lose.

In Los Angeles, William LaJeunesse, FOX News Radio.