A man who confessed to a crime in an internet video has been charged in Ohio.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

Matthew Cordle has been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide a crime he admits:

(Cordle) "On June 22, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani."

Saying that online video produced with dramatic music is his confession.

Cordle will be arraigned Tuesday in Franklin County, Ohio and faces over eight years in prison:

(Cordle) "I will plead guilty."

Cordle says in the video that went viral on the internet he could try to fight the charges:

(Cordle) "But I won't dishonor Vincent's memory by lying about what happened."

He says he was very drunk driving the wrong way on a highway and he's taking full responsibility to spread one message:

(Cordle) "I'm begging you... Please, don't drink and drive."

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

WATCH the video: