The NEW Look Republican Party

The grand old party has seemingly had a rough go of things these last few Presidential election cycles, amidst an ever evolving electorate. The party faces many challenges in the future. What can Republican leaders do to broaden the appeal of the party’s message in an attempt to attract those voters who largely went to Obama and the Democrats in ’08 and ’12?

From courting the Latino vote, to connecting with young voters, finding common ground with the Tea Party as well as Libertarians, Evangelicals and log cabin Republicans, can the party change its image? If the GOP broadens its appeal, does it dilute its core message and risk alienating its base?

Anchored by FOX News Radio’s Rich Johnson and Jared Halpern, “The New Look Republican Party” takes an in-depth look at the Republican party and the challenges it faces, with analysis from political insiders on what the GOP needs to do in order to secure victory in 2016.