Robert Mueller

In his final days on the job, the FBI Boss opens up about a tactic that has often been kept quiet; how data is reviewed.

FOX News Radio’s Ron Flatter reports as part of our ongoing series on national security:

Securing America.

Simply put, Robert Mueller says:

Mueller: “Yes, we collect data on U.S. citizens, we do investigations.”

But the outgoing FBI Director tells FOX News, it’s not carte blanche.

Mueller: “Collecting data that courts are not familiar with, collecting data that if not been approved by a District court or a FISA court, no.”

Mueller says new technology helps the FBI check future e-mails where it already has permission to look.

Mueller: “Basically is an organization of the e-mail account so that it will help you, we’re reviewing thousands of e-mails in the same way you would exercise some discipline in how you handle your Gmail account.”

Mueller is in his last two weeks as FBI Director.

Ron Flatter, FOX News Radio.