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A major block of voters that went for President Obama in 2012 were people who support same-sex marriage. It's an issue that could be the most challenging part of a Republican reboot attempt.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports in our series "The New Look Republican Party":

Can you be both Republican and for same-sex marriage?

Pitts: "I've never felt in the position where I had to defend my lifestyle to my political party."

Former Bush Administration official Greg Pitts is a loyal Republican, he is gay and soon is getting married.

Pitts: "Our party should stand for expanding freedom and expanding liberty and for families."

But, Republican Bob Vander Plaats, head of the Iowa religious group The Family Leader wants to know where it all ends:

Vander Plaats: "If the left says we want to go same-sex marriage, well then give us you perameter on marriage, because it won't end at same gender."

And, Rick Santorum, pointing to his smartphone, says kids today are getting just one side of the story:

Santorum: "These devices put out content, continually, saying that if you don't share our view of the world, you're a bigot. You're intolerant. You're a hater.

Groombridge:  "There are certain segments of the Republican party that are just fundamentally out of touch."

Mark Groombridge is an Asia policy expert who is also gay, and worked int he Bush Administration. He fears, the Republican party may not be in touch for quite awhile:

Groombridge: "Crudely put, yes. We're gonna have to wait out the neanderthals."

Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.

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