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More bloodshed and death in Egypt after security forces stormed camps of protesters with bulldozers and tear gas, prompting a state of emergency. More than 500 people have died in Egypt since Wednesday.

FOX News Radio's Kimberly Adams reports from Cairo, Egypt:

APTOPIX Mideast Egypt

Security forces dispersed sit-ins here in Cairo with tear gas, tanks, and many say, live ammunition. That violence is spreading throughout the country and the government has declared a state of emergency, imposing a curfew in several cities, including here in Cairo. Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel laureate and Vice President for Foreign Affairs in the new government has resigned, according to state media. He says he doesn't want to bear responsibility for decisions with which he doesn't agree.

In Cairo, Kimberly Adams, FOX News Radio.

Mideast Egypt

The White House is warning Egypt that the world is watching.

FOX News Radio's Steve Taylor reports from Washington:

White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest says it's time for the authorities in Egypt to respect the rights of their people.

(Earnest) "We have repeatedly called on the Egyptian military and security forces to show restraint and for the government to respect the universal rights of its citizens just as we have urged protesters to demonstrate peacefully."

Speaking from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, where President Obama is on vacation, Earnest said the violence in Egypt is a step in the wrong direction.

In Washington, Steve Taylor, FOX News Radio.

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LISTEN to Secretary of State John Kerry address the situation in Egypt:

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