(AP Photo/WBIR-TV, Heidi Wigdahl)
(AP Photo/WBIR-TV, Heidi Wigdahl)

A Tennessee couple has been ordered to change the name of their child.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

You can't name your kid 'Messiah'... Not in Cocke County, Tennessee.

A child support magistrate has forbidden it, ordering a surprised mother and father who were in court last week to argue over their son's last name to change the seven-month-old's first name from 'Messiah' to Martin DeShawn McCullough -- incorporating both of his parents last names. Jaleesa Martin, the mom, says she will appeal. 

The judge told her 'Messiah' is a title and only one person, Jesus Christ, has earned it.

Now, the Social Security Administration did rank 'Messiah', the fourth fastest-growing baby name in 2012.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.