Washington state's new legalized marijuana law is hitting a major snag from an unlikely source: medical marijuana.

FOX's Dan Springer reports from Seattle:

Many who back the legal, recreational use of pot are worried that as long as medical pot is also legal; largely unregulated and completely untaxed, it will sharply undercut the tax revenue expected from the new, legal pot business. Voters were told the new law would bring in more than $500 million dollars a year. But, the state's pot czar warns it will be less than half that much if people start flocking to medical marijuana because it's cheaper. An effort to put a 20% tax on medical pot failed, as opponents argued no prescription drugs are taxed. But, lawmakers who view the whole medical pot industry as a sham have vowed to revive the tax idea early next year when recreational pot will officially go on sale.

In Seattle, Dan Springer, FOX News Radio.

Watch the VIDEO below for more on this story:

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