As the world gets warmer, tempers flare. That's the finding of a new study published online in the journal Science.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Lacerra has the details:

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The research looked at 60 other studies of things like historic collapses of empires, recent wars, violent crimes in the U.S. and even baseball games, where pitchers intentionally threw at batters. The common thread: extreme weather, hot or dry translates into more violence. The team of economists even came up with a formula that predicts how much the risk of different types of violence should increase with extreme weather. For the United States, the formula says: for every increase of five-point-four degrees of fahrenheit, the likelihood of violent crime goes up two to four percent. One of the studies authors saying when the weather gets bad, people tend to be more willing to hurt others.

Lisa Lacerra, FOX News Radio.