A Brazilian student put her virginity up for sale in an international auction. The highest bid came from Japan for the amount of $780,000.

The auction was part of a documentary and now she's complaining that she hasn't received a single cent.

When her actions caused outrage around the world, accusing her of being a prostitute, her response was that the auction was just a business deal and an opportunity for her to travel and be part of a movie.

Apparently, when she met the Japanese bidder, she turned him down and declined to get into the act. But now she's claiming that she's been a victim who was exploited into selling her body and that she has not received any money promised to her.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here folks because I guess the rules in this business are "No Honey - No Money!"

Her view of the world is quite interesting because sex for $780,000.00 doesn't make her a prostitute but refusing to have sex makes her a victim.

Oh dear, I guess not every story has...a happy ending.

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