O.J. Simpson

OJ Simpson was granted parole. But that doesn't mean he's a free man.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal explains:

The Nevada Parole Board has granted OJ Simpson parole, but only in part of his sentence, so it doesn't mean he's getting out of prison. He still has a minimum of four years. Last week he told the board why he should get parole.

(Simpson) "I haven't had one incident since I've been here. I, I think, I on a daily basis, I speak to more inmates and NCO's than anybody here."

He was convicted in 2008 of robbery and kidnapping after trying to take items he says were his from two sports memorabilia dealers. Separately, Simpson is trying to get a new trial. He says he was only convicted because of his lawyer's incompetence.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.

The following is from the Nevada Parole Board:

The parole becomes effective when he reaches his minimum parole eligibility date which is October 2, 2013. After that date he will begin serving the 12-month minimum term on four concurrent 12-72 month sentences imposed for using a weapon during the robbery and kidnapping (use of a deadly weapon enhancement). He will be seen by the Board again in 12 months for parole consideration on these four sentences. Consecutive to these four enhancement sentences are two consecutive 18-72 month terms for assault with a deadly weapon.

The reasons the Board stated for reaching its decision to grant parole are his positive institutional conduct, participation in programs, lack of prior conviction history and that he has consecutive sentences yet to serve.