Hardball! Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is challenging both House and Senate members to “stand up for principle” with his defund Obamacare bill — and he’s refusing to stay quiet until they do. Needless to say many on the right are not happy with the Senators extreme call for action. Senator Ted Cruz joins Gibson to explain.

“I actually did vote for before I voted against it.”- These may have been the famous words from John Kerry, but now House Republicans can say the same thing about the NSA program that they voted against last week. Ironically, two years ago they passed the 2011 Patriot Sunset Extension Act, which specifically reauthorized Section 215, the provision that underlies the NSA’s telephone metadata program. What changed? Former Bush Speechwriter, Marc Thiessen explains.

Push Forward! A defiant Anthony Weiner said yesterday he will not quit the race for New York City mayor, vowing in a new video that he’ll continue to fight amid the furor over his lewd messages to women. Gibson shakes his head.

Plus: Congressman Mark Meadows calls in to explain why he is questioning the IRS getting big bonuses.