Look Over Here!

Look Over Here! President Obama will give as many as six speeches on the economy over the next two months to take credit for this GREAT economy…Many believe it’s to distract you from all of the “phony” scandals that have unfolded this year. Are these speeches helping with Obama’s “Come-back Moment”? UK Telegraph Columnist, Nile Gardiner says no. He will explain!

Stand By Your Man? The very private Huma Abedin, is now publicly standing by her man. By her own admission, the reasons she chose to defend her husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner, before the world Tuesday are both public and private: love and politics. Fox News Contributor, Mary Katherine Ham shakes her head.

Plus: A bicyclist who struck and killed a 71-year-old pedestrian in San Francisco has been convicted of felony manslaughter, the first conviction of its kind for a cyclist in the U.S. Gibson says it’s about time these cyclists are being held accountable!

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