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Britain has a new minor celebrity -- Tony Appleton, a town crier who announced the birth of the Royal Baby. But he wasn't exactly invited to do so.

FOX News Radio's Simon Owen explains from London:

7-24 Crier2

(Appleton) "Oyez oyez..."

Town crier Tony Appleton certainly attracted attention when he broadcast news of the Royal Baby's birth outside the hospital here in London where the child had just been born.

(Appleton) "God save the Queen!..."

Britain Royal Baby

But if any on-lookers thought he was there by royal appointment...

(Appleton) "I was gatecrashing."

It turns out Appleton was simply acting on instinct. 

(Appleton) "I actually got into a taxi, got out and done the proclamation."


Appleton is a town crier, but not in London. He says he just loves the royals and sends his best wishes to the family.

(Appleton) "I don't think I'm gonna see when he's gonna reign this young man, but I'm gonna wish him all the very best."

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.

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