We are used to seeing nutritional labels on food. But soon you could be seeing them on your favorite adult beverage.

FOX's Adam Housley has the story:


A recent Federal ruling says that beer, wine and spirits companies can put labels on bottles that including serving size, calories, carbohydrate, protein and fat content. Right now this is voluntary while the Feds consider if they should make it mandatory. Michael Jacobson head of the consumer advocate group, Center for Science in the Public Interest says most wine and beer makers probably won't do it.

Jacobson: "They will fight this every inch of the way. Companies don't like to disclose that their products may contain preservatives, flavorings, foam enhancers in beer. You know there are all kinds of things that companies use to doctor their products."

The Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau which regulates this, say they're just trying to make labeling more consistent.

In Los Angeles, Adam Housley, FOX News Radio.

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