Where's the best place in America to grow old?

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

Life Expectancy

People who make it to 65 and live in Hawaii, on average live to 86. Just the last five years, in not such good health. That's the top state in a Centers for Disease Control survey on life expectancy and quality of life in later years. Paula Yoon says they looked at:

Yoon: "Space and healthy living environments, healthy behaviors such as exercise and not smoking, getting the recommended clinical preventive services and having access to good quality healthcare when it's needed."

The state at the bottom of the list:

Yoon: "We found that overall, Mississippi had the lowest healthy life expectancy."

Seniors, living 'til about 82, the last seven years in poor health.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: The estimates were made using 2007 through 2009 data from the census, death certificates and telephone surveys that asked people to describe their health. The CDC's Paula Yoon cautioned not to make too much of the differences between states. Results could have been swayed, for example, by how people in different states interpreted and answered the survey questions.

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