Summertime brings bathing suit season, and during a summer full of barbecues, hot dogs and hamburgers, the juice cleanse trend could seem an appealing option for some.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports from Chicago:

Chicago area dietitian Julie Wilson says drinking pressed fruit and vegetable juice for anywhere from three to 60 days is one way to cleanse. But, that's a lot of liquid.

Wilson says in some cases, as much as a six juices a day...

(Wilson) "So you will lose a couple pounds if you go on a juice only cleanse and that's mainly because you're restricting calories and it's a liquid diet."

Wilson says keep in mind though, your metabolism slows down, likely causing you to gain the weight back when you return to a regular diet.

(Wilson) "There is no scientific research suggesting that a juice cleanse is any better at detoxing your body than your own biological systems."

Wilson says in the long run, it's lifelong behavioral changes that will help your system.

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.