(AP Photo/Courtesy of Melissa Nelson)
(AP Photo/Courtesy of Melissa Nelson)

Can a boss fire you - because you are too attractive? He can in Iowa.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony explains:

Melissa Nelson worked for James Knight for ten years in Fort Dodge. And he liked her a lot:

(Music 'Simply Irresistible') "She's too good for me, but now I find her simply irresistible"

The dentist fired his assistant because Knight and his wife feared he would have an affair:

(Music 'Simply Irresistible') "How can it be permissible."

Because Iowa's Supreme Court reiterating an earlier ruling said it was not discrimination. Because the firing was motivated by feelings, not gender.

Nelson's lawyer had asked the court to reconsider the case arguing the decision is a blow to gender and racial equality in the workplace.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.