Special IG for Afghanistan
Special IG for Afghanistan

The Pentagon authorized the construction of a multi-million dollar facility in Afghanistan and now it may demolish it, without it ever being used.

FOX's Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon:

In a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan is demanding answers about a $34 million dollar, state of the art military headquarters built in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Quote: "Commanders in Afghanistan determined as early as May 2010 that there was no need for the facility, yet the military still moved ahead," wrote Inspector General John Sopko. "I am deeply troubled that the military may have spent taxpayer funds on a construction project that should have been stopped."

The 64,000 square foot facility was wired for 110 volt appliances - not the 220-volt equipment used by Afghans. It would cost more U.S. taxpayer dollars to convert it.

At the Pentagon, Jennifer Griffin, Fox News Radio

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