(Courtesy: myFOXorlando)
(Courtesy: myFOXorlando)

A Florida teenager was attacked by an alligator but fought it off and lives to tell the tale.

FOX News Radio's Steve Knight reports:

Andrew Hudson was floating down the Econ River:

(Hudson) "Hey, I didn't see him or nothin' at all"

The alligator that attacked him was ten feet long:

(Hudson) "Felt like a big thud and felt the pressure on my head and he took me under."

The jaws snapped on Hudson's head:

(Hudson) "I started swingin' and hittin' him a couple of times and then right when he let go I took off swimmin' as fast as I could."

And that saved his life.

(Hudson) "If he held on or started to roll or kept me under, I probably wouldn't have made it."

He's lucky the bites didn't kill him. Doctors used 23 stitches and 17 staples in his head to close the wounds. Remarkably, he says he'll probably swim in the river again, just not anytime soon.

Steve Knight, FOX News Radio.

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