As a beloved snack cake gears up for a comeback, there is word that it will have an even longer shelf life.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Lacerra reports:

Twinkies will hit store shelves once again July 15th.

(Commercial) "This is Twinkie the Kid, ever wonder how they get that creamy filling into the middle of a Twinkies cake?"

And Hostess says they will now have a shelf life of 45 days. The previous owner had stated 26 days was the shelf life for the cream filled sponge cakes, despite all the jokes that they last forever.

A spokeswoman for Hostess says the change was actually made weeks before the old company went bankrupt and she says some retailers will get some Hostess products frozen, but declined to say if Twinkies would be part of the mix.

Lisa Lacerra, FOX News Radio.