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Some U.S. lawmakers are calling for aid to be cut off to Egypt. This as clashes continue between security forces and protesters.

FOX News Radio's Steve Taylor reports from Washington:

The question is about cutting off military aid, since it was Egypt's generals who threw out the elected president Mohammad Morsi.

Menendez: "We have to make sure that the military gets a very clear message that we want to see transition to civilian government as quickly as possible."

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez on NBC's "Meet The Press." But some lawmakers want the U.S. to take some time about deciding whether to cut aid, and how much.

Corker: "Trying to jump to what we're gonna do relative to support at this moment is not the place that we need to be."

Republican Senator Bob Corker.

In Washington, Steve Taylor, FOX News Radio.

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FOX News Radio's Kimberly Adams has more on Monday's clashes in Egypt from Cairo:

Egypt's military is denying it instigated a firefight here in Cairo. The Health Ministry here says at least 51 died in that clash, most of them pro-Morsi demonstrators. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood says the army opened fire on the group during dawn prayers, but the military spokesperson says they were first attacked by armed groups.

In Cairo, Kimberly Adams, FOX News Radio.