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NSA leaker Edward Snowden continues to seek asylum. He has sent requests to nearly 20 different nations.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Golloher has the details from Moscow:

Snowden, who has been holed up in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport in a sort of diplomatic limbo for over a week has applied for asylum here in Russia but quickly withdrew his application after President Vladimir Putin said he'd have to stop leaking America's secrets if he wants to stay here. Snowden also put in requests to Iceland, Austria, Norway and Germany, among other countries. But leaders there say they won't consider Snowden's request unless he is in that country when he makes his bid. In a statement, Snowden lashed out at President Barack Obama, accusing him of trying to get countries to deny him asylum.

In Moscow, Jessica Golloher, FOX News Radio.

Edward Snowden
(AP Photo/The Guardian)

Still without a country, surveillance secrets leaker Edward Snowden is stuck in Moscow. Does he have a hope from one country though?

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports from Washington:

The only country that says it's willing to even entertain the idea of asylum... Is Venezuela  And its President, Nicholas Maduro, just happens to be in Moscow. Maduro dodged reporters' questions about whether he might take Snowden with him back to Caracas.

Snowden withdrew his asylum request to Russia after President Vladimir Putin said only on the condition he stop leaking secrets.

And he's blasting the U.S. for cancelling his passport, denying him, what he calls, the right to seek asylum around the world.

In Washington, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.