Snowden Remains In Russia Despite U.S. Requests

    (AP Photo/The Guardian)


    (AP Photo/The Guardian)
    (AP Photo/The Guardian)

    Russia's leader and America's top diplomat are talking about the fate of NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

    FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports from Washington:

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    Secretary of State John Kerry says it's a simple, respectful request, that Russia hand over Edward Snowden.

    (Kerry) "We're not looking for a confrontation. We're not ordering anybody. We're simply requesting, under a very normal procedure for the transfer of somebody."

    Just, says Kerry, as the U.S. transferred seven people that Russia requested in the past two years. But Russian President Vladimir Putin says he won't hand over Snowden, and that he remains at the Moscow airport, free to leave at any time.

    In Washington, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.