Securing America: U.S.-Taliban Prisoner Exchange? [VIDEO]


The Taliban says it is ready to make a deal. Offering to exchange U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl of Idaho for the five top Taliban leaders currently held at Guantanamo Bay. Sgt. Bergdahl is the only known American prisoner of war captured in Afghanistan. He's been held since 2009.

FOX's Jennifer Griffin has details from the Pentagon in our ongoing series on national security:

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Securing America.

State Department spokesman Jen Psaki is not ruling out a prisoner swap could take place.

Psaki: "The issue of Sgt. Bergdahl on the fact that he has been gone too long will be a part of the discussion. When, as I mentioned, we anticipate that the Taliban will also bring up as they stated publicly, their own issues with detainees."


Among those that the Taliban want released from Gitmo: The Taliban's Minister of Defense, its Deputy Minister of Intelligence, the top Taliban Commander from Mazar-i-Sharif and the former Taliban Minister of Interior and a former Provincial Chief of Security.

There are 25 Afghan prisoners among the 106 prisoners still at Gitmo. The State Department would have to get permission from Congress in order to make any sort of trade.

At the Pentagon, Jennifer Griffin, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: Jennifer Griffin adds, it is not clear which faction of the Taliban even have Sgt. Bergdahl. Until recently, the Pentagon thought he was being held by the Haqqani group in Pakistan.

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