Immigration Bill Loophole For Criminal Aliens? [VIDEO]


A controversial provision in the Senate Immigration bill allows some criminal aliens to stay in the United States.

FOX's William LaJeunesse has details, from Los Angeles:

Audio clip:

Under the administration's Prosecutorial Discretion policy, critics say too many criminals get a date in court instead of deportation. Immigration Reform Advocate Kris Kobach says it's lead to the deaths of two police officers in Houston and Phoenix at the hands of illegal immigrants.

Kobach: "This is outrageous. People are dying because ICE is not being allowed to enforce the law by this administration."

Under a Senate proposed bill, illegal immigrants with lengthy criminal records may be allowed to stay, if they have a spouse or child already in the U.S.

Crystal Williams of the American Immigration Lawyers Association:

Williams: "These are real, human situations and they require human decisions."

In Los Angeles, William LaJeunesse, FOX News Radio.

Click HERE to watch a VIDEO about the Immigration Reform bill hurdles below: