Florida Deck Collapse Injures Dozens


An outdoor deck filled with sports fans watching the NBA finals collapsed Thursday night sending two dozen people to the hospital.

FOX's Marianne Rafferty has the details:

Audio clip:

Dozens of Miami Heat fans gathered at a popular sports bar to watch their beloved team. Roughly 100 people were on the deck of Shuckers Bar and Grill in North Bay Village, North of Miami Beach when all of a sudden, it gave way.

Witness: "First we heard like a crack, and then it was within seconds that the whole deck had collapsed into the water."

The mishap caused tables, chairs and the patrons to fall into the waters of Biscayne Bay. Officials say all of the patrons had been accounted for. No word as to what caused the deck to collapse. An investigation is underway.

In New York, Marianne Rafferty, FOX News.

Listen to Dwyane Wade from the Miami Heat comment on Thursday night's accident:

Audio clip:

Wade: "I want to um, share our concerns as an organization for all that was injured tonight um at Shuckers Restaurant."

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