Dying Man Reunited With Lost Dog

    Courtesy: myFOXtampabay

    Courtesy: myFOXtampabay
    Courtesy: myFOXtampabay

    A terminally ill man gets his dying wish in Florida when his lost dog is found.

    FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

    Audio clip:

    He's John Simpson's best friend:

    (Simpson) "Mr. Cutie!"

    But last week the dog was lost. It ran away not long after Simpson, who's dying from cancer, was moved to hospice care in Pasco County, Florida. When Amy Cobb heard the story:

    (Cobb) "It just broke my heart. I'm like, I can do something here."

    She went on fidofinder.com and someone had found the little chihuahua:

    (Cobb) "I was like oh! Oh my God! It's the dog!"

    And when they reunited Mr. Cutie and Simpson, it fulfilled his dying wish.

    (Simpson) "Just ecstatic. And very difficult putting into words the feelings inside."

    And now Mr. Cutie will stay with him to help Simpson live his final days in peace.

    (Simpson) "Running after me, jumping all up and down, having to be in my arms."

    Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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