Chad Johnson Gets 30 Days In Jail


A former pro football player is slapped with a jail sentence after some unusual courtroom antics.

FOX News Radio's Sal Giangrasso reports:

Audio clip:

It started as a congratulatory slap but led to a legal thunderclap for former NFL star Chad Johnson, also known as Chad Ochocinco, who slapped his male attorney on the backside in court after negotiating a no-jail plea deal in a domestic violence case.

(Judge McHugh) "The whole courtroom laughed because you just slapped your attorney. I don't think anything's funny about it Mr. Johnson."

Clearly riled, Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh went on to say...

(Judge McHugh) "I'm not accepting these plea negotiations."

And then Johnson was sentenced to to 30 days in jail for a probation violation he could have received up to a year in jail.

Sal Giangrasso, FOX News Radio.

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