Bruce Springsteen fans will be flocking to movie theaters this summer, Psy has another album up his sleeve and John Fogerty gets together with some friends; releasing a new record.

FOX News Radio Entertainment Correspondent, Sabrina Sabbagh has the scoop in this edition of "FOX Rocks":

FOX Rocks.

I'm Sabrina Sabbagh. The Bruce Springsteen film now has a release date.

Springsteen: "Born In The USA..." (music)

The Ridley Scott fan-generated film will be shown worldwide in a theatrical event on July 22nd.

Springsteen: "There's A Darkness on the Edge Of Town..." (music)

"Springsteen & I" is made up of films contributed by the fans and includes Springsteen's music and performances.


Psy: "Gangnam Style" (music)

Psy plans to build on the success of 'Gangnam Style' and 'Gentleman' with an album this summer. The South Korean internet sensation told MTV News he's promoting his new song and going on tour, but as soon as he gets back, he's hitting the studio.


Fogerty: "Born on the Bayou..." (music)

John Fogerty is out with a new album. "Wrote A Song For Everyone" features a dozen classics, most from the Creedence era, in dynamic collaborations with artists like Bob Seger, My Morning Jacket, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Foo Fighters, Kid Rock and Brad Paisley.

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