Sea of Galilee

A giant stone structure that archaeologists believe could be over four thousand years-old, has been discovered under the waters of Israel's biblical Sea of Galilee. But nobody is quite sure what it is.

Fox News Radio's Emily Wither has the details from Jerusalem:

The Sea of Galilee is an ancient lake and the setting of many scenes from the Bible. Its got historical remnants spanning thousands of years, but archaeologists are scratching their heads about the latest discovery, this one deep in the lake. The mysterious man-made structure is circular in shape, made of boulders and stones and weighs in at an estimated 60 thousand tons; that's heavier than most modern day warships. The stones showed up on a routine sonar scan in 2003 and archaeologists are trying to raise money so they can explore the structure through an underwater excavation.

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, Fox News Radio

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