5-15 texting and driving

Cell phone giants are joining forces to warn customers about the dangers of texting while driving.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports:

Some ads are already out there...

(Ad) "Find your reason and take the pledge to never text and drive."

But now the four biggest cell phone companies in the U.S., are uniting, behind AT&T's 'It Can Wait' slogan, which has its own website, featuring pledge takers, like Olympic gymnastics champion Gabby Douglas.

(Douglas)"No text is worth the risk. It can wait."

Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile pooling resources with AT&T, in a multi-media blitz this summer on TV, radio, social media, in stores, and on the Goodyear blimps.

They'll also take a driving simulator on a national tour, trying to reach more people, especially teens, with messages like, texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.