If you're a fan of the supergroup ABBA, there's now another reason to visit the city where they got their start. Could a reunion also be in the works?

FOX News Radio's Simon Owen reports:

Posing for the cameras once again in Stockholm, Sweden, ABBA's Bjorn Ulvaeus; opening the doors to ABBA: The Museum.

Ulvaeus: "It's quite weird in a way to build a museum over yourself."

Exhibits include a stage where visitors can sing along to ABBA songs along side life-sized holograms of the group.

(ABBA Music: "Dancing Queen")

The museum also has a piano connected to Bjorn's personal piano. When he plays at home, it'll be picked up at the museum.

But, Bjorn insists this doesn't mean a reunion is on the cards.

Ulvaeus: "We've never reunited, and so I take the opportunity now to say that we are not going to."

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.

Watch a commercial for the ABBA: The Museum below: